10 foods to escape the flu this winter

10 foods to escape the flu this winter
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The cold and flu season is here to stay. With the cold, the rain and the rest of the inclement weather, we are all exposed to suffer this ailment at one time or another. Nobody wants to spend those horrible days of bed, handkerchiefs and fever in which broth and syrup are your only companions. We all hate not being able to make plans with our friends or having to change our habits because the fever has left us totally K.O.


For that reason, do not forget that we can put all the means to avoid it. It is essential that our body has all the nutrients and vitamins necessary to escape the flu. To do this, we must maintain an adequate diet. In addition, it is recommended that we introduce some foods that come very well in this cold season that awaits us. Who knows, if we make it routine, maybe this winter we will be free of that annoying discomfort. Join us on this journey and find out which foods are most favourable for your organism. Don’t settle for it and face the flu this year!


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