12 dogs that are exactly the same as their owners

12 dogs that are exactly the same as their owners


There is a topic that, like many others, could not be more real. Who hasn’t heard on occasion that statement that dogs look like their owners. And it is a great truth. Animals tend to imitate certain behaviours and even develop a physical resemblance to their owners. We don’t know if these are the ones who try to promote this resemblance. What we do know is that there are dogs that cannot deny who their owners are.


Several researchers at the University of Eotvos in Budapest (Hungary) showed in 2015 that the personality of the owner and the dog is more similar even than with our own partner. ¬ęTwo people who live many years end up looking very much alike. We see two people who have been married for years with very similar things. But the effect is greater in dogs, especially. Cats assume part of the personality, but they will always keep their own traits.


Our pets are one more member of the family and you can see that. Movements, physical appearance… coincidences can be surprising. In Disfi we wanted to gather some examples for you to see that the topics, in most cases, are very true. In addition, these similarities will not only surprise you but will get you smiling this Monday. We think there’s no better way to start the day than having a good time so… Here we go!



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