3 composers that you should listen to


Frédéric Chopin



Chopin was a half Polish and half French composer who was quite famous for his short romantic compositions more than anything. Through his somewhat tragic life, he managed to produce some of the best and most recognizable compositions in the whole field of classical music. Two examples would be «Tristesse» and «Op. 28 No. 4» the latter of which has been «tuned» into many other songs.

Chopin’s music is often darker in general, usually conveying emotions of sadness and pain. One might suppose that this is mainly due to his short life in which he faced many struggles and unfortunate events. However, some examples contain more positive elements, such as «Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. In general, Polish and French influences adorn much of his musical portfolio.

Chopin represents a rare case among composer performers (where appropriate, piano) that has achieved a reputation as a great composer. His chamber and vocal music is scarce and the orchestra comprises a number of concerting works. In all of them, there is always a piano involved.


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