6 essential things to know if you are going to buy a new computer

6 essential things to know if you are going to buy a new computer
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Black Friday is getting closer and closer. A day of absolute madness in which prices go down in an amazing way. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity to buy everything you need. In particular, it’s quite profitable to buy electronics. During those hours brands offer real bargains so, if you are thinking about changing computers, this is the perfect time.


The market offers thousands of possibilities. Finding out which computer is right for you is no easy task. Screens, processors… a real mess. It is necessary to know that everything depends on the needs you have as a user. If you need the device simply to enjoy or also to work. After answering these questions, you’ll be a little clearer about which option suits you best. However, there are a number of general points to keep in mind. Regardless of the computer we buy, it is necessary to know these details well. In Disfi we have gathered those essential things that you must know to make with a good device. If you are thinking of changing your computer, this is for you.


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