6 Places to Flee at Easter Week

Lisboa y alrededores


Lisbon is a recommended destination for any time of the year. If you go to Lisbon you can also go to Sintra, a town that has fairytale palaces. In Lisbon you have to take a walk through the Alfama quarter, see the Tower of Belém and try the typical cakes there. There are many things to visit in this beautiful place.


Baviera Alemana


A good Easter destination is southern Germany. You can visit Munich, see everything you consider and try as many sausages and beers as you can. You can also rent a car to tour the whole area and see all the castles in the area. You can see all the fairytale villages, such as the village of Pinocchio, which are in the region of Bavaria. If you get a few days this is a perfect destination to visit.


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