All you have to do to keep yourself safe in the event of a hurricane

All you have to do to keep yourself safe in the event of a hurricane

Hurricanes are the strongest storms on Earth. They seem pretty scary, given their history of casualties. But, if you know what to do before, during and after a hurricane hits, you have every chance of weathering the storm. But first things first, what is a hurricane?

Hurricanes are huge storms with winds that move at least 70 miles per hour. At the center of this rotating mass of wind you can find the eye of the hurricane. This is a small area of low air pressure and very calm winds. But once it passes its edge, it calms down and turns into a raging chaos. The walls of the eye are the most dangerous parts of the hurricane and its heavy clouds can reach speeds of 249 km/h or more. Hurricanes also bring thousands and thousands of litres of water in their wake, which can cause flooding.

Hurricanes are born from the warm waters of the ocean. Those that exceed 26 degrees Celsius. This water temperature can be found in the tropics. First, the warm, moist air rises above the water and as the colder air takes its place, it also warms up and begins to rise. As a result, huge storm clouds form and spin like crazy.


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