5 alternative search engines to Google that you should try



Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft and is currently the big competitor of Google. If you want to try another search engine, but you do not want the experience to be very different from the one you’re used to, this may be a good option. The positioning algorithms used by Bing are different from those of Google, so you will find different results in your searches. The search engine of Microsoft, the second most used, has about 15% of the search engine market, which is still much lower than Google, which has over 60%.


Bing - Alternative search engines to Google



Yippy is the right search engine for you if you need to search for information on the Deep Web. Yippy helps you find websites that are normally difficult to find through a normal search, such as important information about state institutions, government websites, academic research and so on. This search engine structures the results through categories so it makes it easier for you to get the data you need. Yippi is also known as the «deep network search engine«.


Yippy - Alternative search engines to Google


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