Art in the subway! The 12 most spectacular stations in the world

Art in the subway! The 12 most spectacular stations in the world
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Big cities have incredibly large metro networks. Corridors and more corridors. Andenes and stairs. Millions of travelers a day who are in a hurry as travel companions. Places that have already seen too many things, that have witnessed the beginning and the end of thousands of stories. Nobody could imagine that these apparently impersonal scenarios can become authentic works of art.


However, there are people capable of doing magic in any space. To create light in unimaginable places. Of course, metro stations were not going to be an exception. Certain artists have been able to enter the world of the underground with the intention of turning it into a special and unique space. A way for those who make the same path every morning to feel within a parallel universe. From America to Asia, Europe and America. Art knows no frontiers. Throughout this world we have the opportunity to visit really impressive stations. Works of art that surround the routine of many. Do you want to know them?


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