Attention Back Street Boys fans! We’ll have a new album and a world tour. Are you going to miss it?


New musical projects


On January 25 of next year will go on sale the new album of the Back Street Boys. Yes, yes, as you can hear. The album, titled «DNA», is the result of a mixture between past times and an innovative vision, with a desire to progress. We’ve already heard the first single, «Chances», whose videoclip has left the band’s fans speechless. This small advance has raised the expectations of millions of people who still can’t believe that their favorite band of the 90’s will return with intentions of staying.



In the words of one of the members, Kevin Richardson, «we have been able to incorporate our influences and styles in a coherent work. These songs are a good representation of who we are as individuals and who we are as a group. It’s our DNA. And we are very proud. Brian says, «Our new album ‘DNA’ is really the future where we’re going. Because a lot of people have those memories and that nostalgia of the 90s, but this new music is a new time. We are at a good time in our lives. We’re parents, we’re comfortable with who we are and that moves to the album song by song. As you can see, we are no longer before 5 inexperienced youngsters, but before 5 men who have faced very different situations throughout their lives. Maturity, far from being a problem, increases the myth of the Back Street Boys.


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