The 6 Best Instagram tips and tricks in 2019


1 – Change the typography of your texts

We started our list of the best Instagram tips and tricks with font types. One of the ways to make your publications stand out is by changing the typography of your texts. There are several websites that allow us to choose from a large number of fonts such as Instagram Fonts, Cool Fonts or Cool Fancy Text Generator. The best thing is that you can also change the typography of your biography, the user name and the messages you send.



2 – Save publications for later

If you are one of those who publishes a lot of content on Instagram, you may have a lot of ideas ready. One way to stay ahead of time and plan better is to create your publications, but instead of publishing them, save them in draft. This way the publication will be ready for you to publish at the time of your choice.



3 – Deactivate comments

Comments are a tool widely used to interact within Instagram and even to gain followers. However, you may sometimes prefer that a post has no comments to avoid controversy or negative opinions. In these cases, you have the option of deactivating comments. You can activate this option for all your posts or just for a specific one.


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