Can the dogs get brown?

A little colour

The truth is that the skin of dogs is very similar to ours because it has a series of light-sensitive cells, known as melanocytes. These cells produce melanin, specifically in the basal layer, i.e. the deepest part of the skin. Depending on the level of melanin you have, a greater or lesser coloration is achieved, but it also has the function of protecting and acting as a filter so that our skin is not damaged.



Sun exposure activates the production of melanin but, in the case of our dogs, they have an additional protector which is the hair. Their skin is capable of taking on a greater color but the hair will prevent them from burning. Therefore, in its most sensitive areas such as the gut, we should be especially attentive. Here they do not have the same amount of hair as in other areas so their skin is less protected and we must be careful to avoid burns.

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