Can you detect the symptoms of dementia?

Can you detect the symptoms of dementia?

In the world we live in, there are many people who suffer from dementia. This disease begins by showing a series of symptoms that do not seem very striking or important at first but that can give us the keys to what is happening to us. If you notice one or more of the symptoms listed below, it is best to consult a specialist because not all people are the same and the symptoms do not always indicate the same things. We are going to discover some of those that could indicate a future dementia.

Some symptoms of dementia

One of the early symptoms that can help us detect dementia is the difficulty in managing our vision. It is possible that we see with greater difficulty and it is even difficult for us to calculate distances or distinguish colours. In relation to the senses, it is also worth highlighting the loss of smell as one of the indicator symptoms, especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.




Apart from this, there are a series of more general indicators such as the loss of objects, memory failures especially with names, addresses or recent actions, communication problems, both written and oral or the loss of the notion of time. It is also important to note that people with dementia tend to become easily disoriented in places and even forget why they were in one place or another.

Changes in our personality

There are some personal indicators that could show us that a person is suffering from dementia. Among the most prominent are mood swings or fear of interaction and isolation as these people become fearful and decide not to bond as much with others as they could before.




Another symptom that could help us to detect this problem is the difficulty in making decisions or performing tasks as routine as personal hygiene. At a certain point, people with dementia begin to neglect themselves, and this can give us clues to what’s going on. In any case, if we notice these symptoms, the most important thing is to consult the corresponding doctor in order to arrive at a clear diagnosis and to know exactly what the problem is (if any) and what we should do to treat it or to alleviate its symptoms as much as possible. In no case should we opt for self-medication or self-therapy since it is the professionals who can help us and advise us to deal with any salur problem.


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