Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? Find out what this disorder is about

Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? Find out what this disorder is about
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There are many people who claim to suffer from sleep paralysis. And we’ll ask ourselves, what exactly is that? It’s a somewhat unknown disorder, yet it affects more people than we can imagine. Isolated sleep paralysis occurs during the transition between sleep and wakefulness, either before falling asleep or when waking up. Those who suffer it wake up unexpectedly and, although they are fully aware of what is happening, they feel physically paralyzed. We could say that the person feels trapped in his own body.


When the aforementioned paralysis occurs, we are awake but, in fact, a part of our brain is still asleep. During the REM phase, the brain inhibits the movement of most of our muscles, that is, it immobilizes them. The goal is none other than to prevent us from representing dreams and injuring ourselves involuntarily. The same thing happens during sleep paralysis, with the only exception that our cognitive system is awake and alert. People who experience this sensation cannot communicate while it is happening because their larynx is blocked and it is impossible for them to speak.  On the other hand, our eyes and respiratory system continue to function normally.


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