Do you want to eat a healthy diet? Correct these mistakes


No breakfast?

One of the most common mistakes we make is not having breakfast. There are many factors that cause many people to leave home without breakfast. This is one of the most important meals of the day, not to say the most important, because it gives us the energy we need to face the routine. Also, if we don’t have breakfast, we may get hungry in the middle of the morning and wipe out everything we find ahead of us. Therefore, choose a healthy breakfast and take time, your body will thank you.



Eat a few times and a lot

Eating two or three times a day and ingesting exorbitant amounts is by no means healthy. Experts recommend that we eat about 5 times a day, controlling the amounts. In addition, we should not let more than 3-4 pass without taking any food because otherwise our body will go crazy to see food. If we don’t eat often, our body goes into reserve and begins to save energy and accumulate fat. So, you know, eat with your head and several times a day.


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