Do you want to find out what parts of your body you don’t need to live?

Do you want to find out what parts of your body you don’t need to live?
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The human body is a true wonder of nature. It is a machine that does not stop surprising us as we know all its possibilities. Absolutely everything fits together almost millimetrically. In our organism, as in any situation of life, there are parts that are more important than others. So much so that there are some that are not necessary to live. Just as simple and direct, no matter how abrupt it may sound.


We are not going to deny that they all have their function, but we do affirm that, if we did not have them, we could lead a life just as normal as up to that moment. Our body, despite its apparent fragility, is strong and resilient. Much more than we can imagine. Therefore, the extraction of certain elements is not incompatible with life. If you want to get to know your organism a little better and let yourself be surprised by it, this article is for you. Today, in Disfi, we will analyze some of the parts of our body without which we could live perfectly. Do you want to know more? We begin!


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