George R. R. Martin talks about the end of Game of Thrones


Two different stories

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, George R.R. Martin acknowledged that he should have finished the acclaimed saga years ago. As a result, he assumes that it is his fault that the story of the series has taken a different course. «Part of the deviation, of course, is because I’ve been very slow with the books. I should have finished them four years ago. If I had, maybe we would be telling a different story in the series. They are two variations of the same story, or a similar story, which is what happens every time something adapts. The example I often use is to ask myself ‘how many children did Scarlett O’Hara have?'» the writer said.



But let no one worry because, as the writer acknowledged some time ago, although the paths are different, the end of the books and the series will be the same and will be decided by the creator of this fantasy world that readers and spectators around the world have liked so much.


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