Gigi Hadid in court for uploading a picture of herself

Gigi Hadid in court for uploading a picture of herself
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It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Model Gigi Hadid faces a lawsuit after uploading a photograph of herself to her Instagram account. The reason? It’s very simple. The photographer who captured the image accuses the international model of not having named him as the author of the image. The truth is that the image was taken on the street when Hadid was leaving an event.  “I smiled for the photo because I understand that this is part of my job and that it was an appropriate situation for the press to attend,” says the model. The publication has been removed from Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account, so her followers no longer have access to it.


The model is in a state of shock and admits that she has not taken the lawsuit well at all. “My representative tells me that I have been sued for my latest Instagram publication,” he admitted incredulously. However, stupefaction has not prevented Gigi Hadid from attacking the dangers of being a public figure today. “These people make money with us every day and legally harass us,” she said of paparazzi. The model has recognized that constant exposure to the media has emotional consequences, not only for her, but also for her loved ones.


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