Great couples from the history of cinema that we will never forget

Great couples from the history of cinema that we will never forget
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Since the beginnings of cinema, love stories have been one of the great themes of the seventh art. The spectators have fantasized about impossible romances that have remained engraved in our retina forever. Who has not wished, at some point in his life, to live one of these intense love stories that we see on the big screen. Who has not felt identified with the romantic awakening of certain characters or with the suffering left by an unrequited love.


Cinema has given us great couples who managed to transmit this universal feeling and, no matter how many years go by, they will always be remembered. They have made us laugh, cry, suffer and feel happiness. They have almost become references and have embodied many of the sensations that we ourselves experience. As we know, the list of love films is almost endless but, irremediably, there are romances that have managed to stand out from the crowd. In Disfi we want to bring together the great couples of the history of cinema. Those that have passed through generations and fashions. Those love stories that, no matter how much time goes by, are still as alive as the first day. Want to know what they are? Join us!


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