Harry and Meghan have already started their new working life

Harry and Meghan’s new life

harry and meghan

As we told you, Harry and Meghan seem to have ended their vacation period in Canada. They made their first public appearance at a conference Harry gave to a management group from JPMorgan. This event was about mental health, and the Prince spoke about the enormous impact that his mother’s early death had on his life when he was just a child. The truth is that Harry and Meghan could not go unnoticed due to the enormous security surrounding the private event.

The news was published in the well-known New York Times, which picked up the testimony of one of those present. «Harry talked about the therapy he has been going to for the last few years to try to overcome the trauma left by his mother’s death. He told how all those events marked his childhood and how important it was for him to be able to talk about it with a mental health professional,» he said.

In addition to talking about the traumatic accident of his mother Diana of Wales, Prince Harry also referred to this new life he has started with Meghan Markle. As reported by The New York Times, «he said it had been a very difficult few years for him and Meghan and that he did not regret taking this step because all he cared about was protecting his family. He doesn’t want Meghan and his son Archie to have to go through what he went through as a child,» the testimony said.

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