How does Dua Lipa feel about social network haters?

Dua Lipa speaks loud and clear

In an interview for BBC Breakfast, Dua Lipa spoke openly about the hatred he perceives every day on social networks. «I don’t know about you, but I see horrible things on the internet, things that people wouldn’t dare say face to face. Somehow, being behind a computer or a mobile phone eliminates empathy and anonymous evil appears,» said the singer.


Dua Lipa


As she herself acknowledged, many days she tries not to read the comments but there are others where she can not help it, even knowing the discomfort that this brings. «It can be fun to share things, but at the same time, it’s also a perfect place to generate anxiety and hatred. People feel they can say whatever they want because it’s hidden behind a computer screen, but for me it’s important to use social networks sparingly, as long as they make you feel good. When that’s not the case, I retire for a while,» said Dua Lipa. 

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