How to know if you have a virus on your Android phone

How to know if you have a virus on your Android phone
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Android devices have a certain vulnerability when it comes to being infected by viruses. We have received a lot of information and news about users who have had to face this problem. When we talk about Android, we are talking about an open source operating system that offers enormous freedom when it comes to installing third-party files and apps. This forces us to take some risk. In addition, the connection to wifi networks makes us potential targets for attackers.


The loss of passwords, the intrusion in documents and private files… are only some of the consequences that we must face in case of being attacked by a virus. However, there are a number of procedures that allow us, first of all, to know that our device is infected. From there, we will be able to take the necessary measures to protect ourselves. In Disfi we are going to analyse which are the most common viruses faced by Android users and which keys we must take into account to discover and combat them. Let’s start!


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