Insects also sleep. Wrong or right?

Insects also sleep. Wrong or right?
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There are a number of questions that we have asked ourselves at certain times in our lives. However, it is difficult to give them a logical answer. Everything around us generates curiosity and restlessness. We feel the need to know more, to have control over all situations. And what better way than to find that control through knowledge. Thousands of questions assault our minds when we least expect it. But how many times do we manage to solve it immediately? That is when we realize all that we have left to learn. Of the enormous ignorance that we have in front of that which lives with us.


One of those doubts that have addressed the brains of many of us is whether insects also sleep. The truth is that it is hard to imagine a fly resting or a bee resting. But, most of the time, things are not as we imagine them. Insects are incredible and surprising beings that, beyond fear or disgust, should provoke an enormous astonishment. Having said that, we answer the question: insects do sleep. And if you want to find out a little more about it, you know. Join us!


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