International Beer Day: 8 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer

International Beer Day: 8 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer
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Did you know that beer has its own day? Since 2007, the first Friday of August the world celebrates International Beer Day. This tradition has its origin in a small bar in Santa Cruz (California) where four members of the California Craft Brewers Association decided to create a special celebration for their favorite beverage.

The objective was to highlight the work of those people dedicated to manufacturing it and making it available to us, unite the world celebrating the different beers of all regions of the world and, of course, dedicate a day to enjoy some some beers with friends. The idea quickly became popular and today International Beer Day is celebrated in more than 200 cities in 50 countries. In honor of this day, today we want to tell you some interesting facts that you did not know about beer.

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