JOKER actors and their interpretation

JOKER actors and their interpretation

A few months and a half ago, we finally got to enjoy JOKER on the big screen. The expectation was brutal, and for many it is nothing more and nothing less than the best film of the year. Many acclaim Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, but do we really know everything about this elusive character?

JOKER’s role was born almost 80 years ago. It first appeared in 1940 in the first volume of Batman’s first comic book. Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson were its creators, although at first its arrival did not seem too promising. Rumors quickly surfaced that the character would disappear after his first appearance, but fortunately that was not the case. JOKER became Batman’s number one enemy and a legendary villain, who arouses the public’s curiosity about how enigmatic he is.

But what will this character have that makes him one of the most popular villains and at the same time one of the most controversial? Why do so many actors fear the idea of having to play that role?


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