Keira Knightley against Disney princesses. Find out why

Keira Knightley against Disney princesses. Find out why
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Today, thanks to the rise of feminism, we have been able to raise awareness of the messages and content we pass on to future generations and how these will affect their future. Instilling in the youngest the values of equality and independence is one of the objectives of a society that seems to have realised its mistakes. That’s why actress Keira Knightley has publicly shown her opposition to the classic Disney princesses and the teachings they give to children. Despite the fact that these mythical characters have made a hole in the retina of all of us, the actress does not coincide with the message they convey and has decided to declare war on them openly.


The protagonist of the first installment of Pirates of the Caribbean confessed in the famous and iconic program of Ellen DeGeneres that the films about the most mythical princesses of the Disney factory do not enter her house. Her youngest daughter is totally forbidden to watch these films because of the sexist message they convey. Knightley has stated that the message of these films seems to him to be very detrimental to the education of children. She doesn’t want her little Edie, only 3 years old, to be contaminated by certain negative stereotypes of women associated with a submissive and servile model of femininity. In addition, he talked about the funny and interesting cinematographic alternatives that exist so that children can enjoy a fantastic and instructive time in front of the big screen.


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