Knowing the best places in Morocco

Knowing the best places in Morocco

Morocco is a sovereign country located in the Maghreb, north of Africa, with coasts in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This country is separated from the European continent by the Strait of Gibraltar, barely 14 kilometres apart.

It borders Algeria to the east, Western Sahara to the southwest, Spain to the north, its main trading partner with which it shares both maritime and land borders and Mauritania to the south. It occupies part of Western Sahara.

We’re talking of the country in the Arab world where the Spanish language is most studied, with more than 80,000 students according to information provided by the Cervantes Institute in 2015. It was the only African country that was not a member of the African Union.

Morocco is a particularly interesting destination for those who want to get to know a different culture; but this is by no means the only reason why travellers are pushed year after year to visit and revisit the country. Morocco offers a range of possibilities to anyone who dares to enter it; moreover, its proud citizens have made an effort to preserve their identity and customs. If we add to this its heterogeneity, we find a country that provides an endless number of experiences.

You can walk around its medina, sleep in the middle of the Sahara desert under a tent or even pass through more advanced cities such as its capital, Rabat, at the same time that their continuous calls to prayer remind you that they will never lose what identifies them. In short, Morocco offers an uncountable number of opportunities that will make you wonder how it is possible that at such a short distance you can visit a world so different from ours.

The tourists can find a great geographical richness, offering rural, mountainous or desert landscapes. In addition, it has the privilege of being bathed by two different seas, which means that, broadly speaking, we have to differentiate between four zones to define its climate.


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