London, a city of film


Notting Hill



As it could not be otherwise, this is one of the great classics of cinema. And even more so if the city we are going to visit is London. This romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Huge Grant was shot in London’s Notting Hill district, a place full of establishments and magical streets. Since the film premiere, this area became a must-see for many tourists. In fact, you can visit the bookstore run by Julia Roberts in the film, located at 43 Portobello Road.


Bridget Jones’ diary



Another film par excellence for disaster lovers is Bridget Jones. A woman to whom everything seems to come out the other way around. This character has won the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe. The action takes place in London, where Bridget lives. That’s why, while you walk through places like Oxford Street or Borough Market, you can’t help but remember this magnificent character.


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