Megalodon, did it really exist?

Megalodon, did it really exist?

Megalodon seems to be the material of which nightmares are made. Its full name is Carcharocles Megalodon, but the most shark enthusiasts only know it as «The Meg».  It is a giant shark that was the biggest villain in the ocean and terrorized all kinds of marine species more than 2 million years ago.

Of the 100% of the planet’s oceans, humans know only 5%. The remaining 95% is simply a place unknown to all human beings. In that small 5% we have discovered several species of shark, such as the white shark, the tiger shark, the whale shark or the hammerhead shark among others. But could there really be a shark so big that a whole whale could be swallowed in one drink? According to history, it did exist.

If you’re afraid of modern sharks, be prepared because this prehistoric predator will leave everyone in evidence. 


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