The most beautiful medieval towns in Europe


Bruges (Belgium)

We started our list of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe with an essential place to visit: Bruges. This Belgian city is the capital of the province of West Flanders and is one of the most popular destinations in the country. The extraordinary state of preservation of its historic center, declared World Heritage Site of UNESCO, is undoubtedly the main attraction of the city. Bruges is also known for its many canals, for its beautiful bridges and, above all, for its delicious chocolate! You can’t leave the city without tasting the authentic Belgium chocolate in Bruges.


Brugge - The most beautiful medieval towns in Europe



Castle-Combe (England)

This small town of about 350 inhabitants is considered one of the most beautiful in England. And it doesn’t surprise us! Its picturesque stone houses, its narrow streets, its bridges, its 14th century market and its lush vegetation are just some of the reasons to visit it. The charm of this town is such that it has been the scene of several literary works and some outstanding films such as Stardust or War Horse.


Castle Combe - The most beautiful medieval



Colmar (France)

This townis known for being the place that inspired Disney to create the town of The Beauty and the Beast. Some monuments, such as the famous fountain in which Bella sits to read, are easy to recognize. Its historical center is full of fairy tale houses and contains numerous canals crossed by the river Lauch. This town is part of a well-known route in the Alsace region, the Alsace Wine Route, so if you want to try a good French wine, you’ll be in the right place.


Colmar - The most beautiful medieval



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