Natalie Portman defends her feminist gesture during the Oscar gala

Natalie Portman defends herself

Natalie Portman

As we have already mentioned, the actress Natalie Portman had a very significant gesture during the Oscars that she added to her outfit. It consisted of a beautiful dress and a cape, and this is where the detail is found. This cape was embroidered with the names of all those directors who had made great films this year and yet were not nominated in any category. This gesture was applauded by the vast majority but, as is often the case, not everyone liked it.

Rose McGowan called the gesture a false feminism and criticized Natalie Portman harshly. She said the actress’ gesture was offensive to women who were really working for the feminist cause. She also invited big stars like Natalie Portman to «stop pretending to be heroes because all they are doing is defending themselves.

In the face of these accusations, the actress wanted to defend herself but not give herself credit for the acclaimed gesture she made during the Oscars. «I agree that it is not very wise to call me ‘brave’ because I wear a cape with women’s names embroidered on it. Brave is a term I associate more with all those women who have been testifying against Harvey Weinstein in the last few weeks under a lot of pressure,» said Natalie Portman.

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