Nature also feels. These are the ecosystems most at risk from climate change

Nature also feels. These are the ecosystems most at risk from climate change
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Climate change is a latent reality. No matter how much we try to deny its effects, they are there, lurking. Nature suffers irretrievably disastrous consequences that will affect us all. The human footprint on our planet is too dangerous despite the environmental agreements signed by countries around the world.


We are not only referring to pollution and gases emitted into the atmosphere, especially by developed countries. We are also talking about truly invasive and catastrophic actions such as the massive felling of trees or the uncontrolled urbanization of green spaces. The ecosystems that surround us are disappearing because of the bad actions of human beings. And not only them, but also the flora and fauna that inhabit their lands. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2017, a report was presented asserting that the number of natural World Heritage sites threatened by climate change has increased from 35 to 62 in just three years. Alarming figures, of course. These are some of the ecosystems most threatened by climate change. Natural spaces that are in serious danger of disappearing.


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