Oporto, a magical city with beautiful surroundings to visit



Aveiro is a beautiful city of canals nicknamed the Portuguese Venice. The bright colours, the local architecture… many things will catch you in this beautiful and quiet place. In addition, Costa Nova silver is known for the houses painted with colored stripes. The truth is that in Aveiro you will not let your camera rest for a single second.



Vila do Conde


Less than 30 kilometers from Oporto, visitors will find Vila do Conde, a place as magical as it is unknown. This small village is typical of Portugal and there you can find the Monastery of Santa Clara, cultural heritage of the area. In addition, you can also visit an impressive aqueduct dating from the eighteenth century that will leave you speechless. The beach of Vila do Conde is worth a visit and, if the weather is good, a swim. So, you know, encourage us to visit this beautiful village.


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