PayPal: advantages and disadvantages of paying with one of the most popular methods on the Internet




The truth is that PayPal has many more advantages than disadvantages. A great security, comfort, multiplatform utility… We will analyze them individually to learn a little more about this payment method.




PayPal is a service controlled by the financial authorities of Singapore. In addition, it has a strong encryption system that protects users’ personal data. It is totally forbidden to share financial information with companies or suppliers so we can be reassured when it comes to privacy. In addition, when we use PayPal, all we have to do is enter our email address and a password. This way you won’t need to enter any bank details.



PayPal has a Resolution Center that serves the consumer for up to 180 days after purchase. The main functions of this center are summarized in one sentence: to protect the consumer against the seller. PayPal acts as an intermediary in situations where the services provided are not satisfactory. As buyers we can put a claim that will be attended by the workers of the Resolutions Center.




Another advantage of PayPal is its speed and convenience. When we associate our bank account or card with this service we will be given the opportunity to make automatic payments to all businesses that use PayPal. Transactions will be faster as we won’t have to stop again and again to enter the same financial data. In addition, if we need to receive a transfer, we can also use PayPal. The deposit will be made immediately and we will save the 2-3 days of waiting that are imposed, for example, in international transfers.



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