Pessimism? No, thank you. Thoughts you must eliminate from your mind


Don’t push yourself too hard


One of the big problems we experience in our daily life is that we demand too much of ourselves. This is not to say that you become conformist people. Nothing like that. But be realistic and don’t want to get almost unattainable things in short periods of time. The best thing is to take things with calm, realism and illusion. If something goes wrong, nothing happens. We can try again. So don’t get overwhelmed at the first change.





These thoughts are, in certain occasions, related to what we commented previously. When something goes wrong we tend to punish and even insult ourselves. We consider that we are people who are worthless, who do not have sufficient capacity… In short, we underestimate ourselves. These thoughts must be removed from our mind as soon as possible. If we do not believe in ourselves, then who will?


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