Pokémon Go fifth generation success

Pokémon Go fifth generation success
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Pokémon Go is an augmented reality app based on your location that will remind you of the Pokémon you used to play on the old consoles. It is currently available for both IOS and Android. It consists of searching and capturing Pokémon by real-world locations, competing in Pokémon gyms, which will often turn out to be well-known locations in your city, and earning items and rewards. To achieve all these goals, the player must physically move around the city to find the desired locations, breed the Pokémon eggs that hatch as we walk, or simply catch all the Pokémon as possible! There are over 500 species of different creatures you can catch. This week the fifth edition of the game has seen the light,  and more than 150 new creatures have been added. Shall we begin the adventure?

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