Reasons why mosquitoes bite you

Reasons why mosquitoes bite you

Mosquitoes are always on the lookout, and some people are particularly at risk. There’s always someone who gets bitten, no matter how much insect repellent or cream you use. Summer arrives, you’re on a terrace enjoying a party and having a good time, but then you start to hear the murmur of that mosquito, the flapping of a punishment and PAM, it bites, always you. The damn mosquitoes chase you wherever you go. They are not your imaginations. If you feel the mosquitoes are treating you like a free buffet of who to feed on, it may be for certain scientific reasons.

Ethnologist and advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association, Joseph M. Colon, says there’s no doubt that certain people are more attractive to mosquitoes because of ¬ęchemicals they secrete into their skin from their particular flora.


Are you one of those people who are always bitten by mosquitoes? Find out what makes your body so attractive to these insects.


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