Selena Gomez launches her new makeup line

Selena Gomez’s makeup line

Selena Gomez
As we told you, it was Selena Gomez herself who announced the news on her Instagram account. I’ve been working on this special project for two years now and I can officially say that we are going to launch Rare Beauty in Sephora stores in North America this summer. There is so much to share and I CAN’T wait» wrote the singer.

The most important thing that Selena Gomez wanted to highlight is the philosophy that her brand will follow. With it she tries to promote the individuality that each and every one of the people. This is what she has stated in her Instagram publication. «I believe that Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start accepting our own uniqueness. We are not defined by a photo, a likeness or a comment. Rare Beauty is not about how others see you, but how you see yourself,» wrote Selena Gomez.

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