Spiders, why so much irrational fear?

Spiders, why so much irrational fear?
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Spiders are insects that do not enjoy the sympathy of most humans. Although there are exceptions, there are many who have real fear of these creatures or, at the very least, feel a certain rejection of their presence. Their physical appearance and anatomy, their movements, their bites… many are the things we don’t like about spiders. This fear can be due to several factors and can reach the degree of pathology when it becomes a real obsession, an irrational fear that we find very difficult to control. In these cases, the lack of air, tremors … are just some of the symptoms we experience and that we have so much difficulty controlling.


The spiders have been on our planet for around 300 million years and, currently, do not pose a real threat to those who live with them. Only about 200 species of arachnids, a really small proportion, can be really worrying or deadly to the health of those who are bitten. Even so, the fear of these creatures continues to be present in the daily lives of many people, which is why, from Disfi, we are going to analyze some of the reasons that motivate this rejection of spiders. Let’s begin!


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