There are still two days left to see the new trailer for The Avengers 4. Can you wait?


What’s the delay?


The reason the Avengers 4 trailer didn’t come out on schedule is the recent death of George Bush Sr. Since Marvel, they have wanted to keep a certain respect by postponing the release date of these first images. In addition, December 5 is the date on which the 41st President of the United States fixed the state funeral. As expected, no one considered this to be a good time to launch a trailer that, moreover, was generating so much expectation in society.



More delays at the Marvel factory


Avengers 4 are not the only ones who have had to wait a few more days to present themselves to the spectators. The same thing happened with Spider-Man: far from home, whose trailer would be released a day later than the Avengers’ trailer. However, the plans are only two days late. Avengers 4 will have its first contact with the public on December 7, while Spider-Man will have his turn only one day later. As you can see, it’s not a drama. We know that sometimes the waits can be very long but realize that they are already here.

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