Tired of YouTube ads? So you can remove them

Remove YouTube ads on Android

To eliminate YouTube advertising on Android devices we can use the Adblock program. It can be installed in different types of browsers and can be used with WIFI as well as with 3G and 4G networks.

You can also use the OGYoutube application that allows the user to have an alternative version of the platform without ads. The disadvantage in this case is that it is a somewhat outdated and old app that has many problems when it comes to work.


Remove ads in IOS

For iOS devices, users can use an app called Youtube++. The problem is that it is not available in the app store and you will have to purchase it using the Cydia Impactor software. Even if Apple doesn’t authorize this application and puts obstacles in its way from time to time, it provides us with a good service that doesn’t affect the operating system at all.

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