Use Whatsapp to find if stranger has saved your number


Valid for all devices

The first thing you should know about this trick is that it is effective on both Android and iOS devices. Normally there are many procedural differences between these two types of terminals but, in this case, the steps to follow will be the same. Besides, we want to tell you that it doesn’t take too much time to do this little research. It is something simple and quick that anyone can achieve at the user level.


What does it consist of?

If we want to find out if someone has saved our number, the first thing we have to do is create a broadcast channel on Whatsapp with all our contacts and groups in which we participate. Where will we do it? In the upper right corner we will see a small button with three points placed vertically. We have to click on this menu and select the option «New diffusion». In this way, we will be able to send the same message to everyone.



Once we have created the channel, we will see the following message: «only contacts with your number in their list will receive your broadcast messages». After this, all we need to do is send any message (it can be a test message) and wait for as many contacts as possible to read it.


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