Want to read a message removed from WhatsApp? Here’s how

Want to read a message removed from WhatsApp? Here’s how

A few months ago, WhatsApp implanted a function that millions of users wanted to have. Now, we can delete messages before anyone sees them. If you have made a mistake, you have up to seven minutes to fix it. With this new feature, madness has been unleashed, like every time WhatsApp releases a new feature. After this, everyone has wanted to find out how to read these messages that person has deleted.


Here’s a very simple method to read those messages that have been deleted. It works on all Android mobiles and we will only have to install a simple app.


If you want to know¬† what it says in these deleted messages, you can see them even if more than seven minutes have passed. Here’s a little tutorial.


Until the programmers of this application find a solution for this, anyone can read the deleted message if they want.


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