What should you eat after exercising?

What should you eat after exercising?
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When we exercise, we experience an enormous loss of liquids and minerals. In addition, if we have depleted much of our energy, we are hungry. Not all foods are suitable for our diet. It is very important to choose in a logical and adequate way those that we are going to consume after an intense sport session. The correct selection of foods will help us to optimize our work, to have an adequate recovery and to prevent injuries.


Diet is responsible for our weight by 80%, the other 20% is made up of exercise. It is essential to take into account our condition and our needs when deciding what to eat after doing sport. Those who want to lose weight and those who want to increase muscle mass should not eat the same foods. Even so, there are a number of generic foods that will help us replenish all the nutrients we have lost during training. Thanks to them we will be able to face all the challenges that are presented to us, since their properties and benefits increase exponentially after a session of great energy expenditure. Do you want to know what they are?


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