What to do on Christmas Eve? A night to enjoy with loved ones


Take advantage of the evening


In many towns and cities the evening is celebrated in a special way. And you may ask, what exactly is it? Nothing more and nothing less than getting together with friends and family in the bars before dinner. Usually the party starts at lunchtime and ends when you want. Drinking and eating are constantly rolling. In addition, in some small towns and cities there are musical groups that stroll through the streets singing carols and popular songs. Without a doubt, a good option to arrive animated to the dinner.



The party, after dinner


On Christmas Eve dinner we eat and drink as if we were real kings. More than one manages to cheer oneself up thanks to the wine and the different liqueurs. All this, together with the Christmas feeling, can make us not want to go directly to bed. For those of you who experience this situation, don’t worry because we have a solution. Bars and discos open their doors to celebrate one of the most magical nights of the year. You can approach one of them and dance until dawn. However, we do not guarantee that tomorrow you will be ready for a new meal.


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