What’s a marriage like in India? Discover all the keys to this celebration


The date



This is, without a doubt, the most important detail to take into account in any wedding. In the case of those celebrated in India, the day is calculated according to a series of nuances. Among them, the date of birth of the bride and groom, the position of the planets and the Hindu calendar. As is also the case in other parts of the world, there are times of the year when there are the most weddings: between May and July, and between November and February.


The costumes



Color is fundamental to Hindu culture. Therefore, both the groom’s and bride’s outfits are full of bright lights and colors. The first may be white on other occasions. For their part, brides always wear the traditional sari, usually in red. This is decorated with a large amount of gold jewelry and accessories. Another wedding tradition in India is for the bride to change her dress several times during the celebration.


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