Where does the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree come from?

Saint Boniface


St. Boniface was a preacher who lived in the 8th century. His work made him visit the Germanic villages and it was there where this curious tradition arose. Without really knowing why, the saint decided to cut down a tree which, due to its size, destroyed those around it when it fell. However, a small fir tree managed to save itself and stand as if nothing had happened. Curious, to say the least.



St. Boniface thought he saw in this tree the hand of God and uttered the following words: «Behold the tree of the Lord. Call it from now on the Tree of the Child Jesus» (Ecce arbor Domini; vocate illum abies Yhesu). From that moment, the fir tree became a symbol not only of Christmas but also of the birth of Jesus, the son of God.


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