Women for the music. The great female voices that have triumphed in 2018


Lady Gaga



Although Lady Gaga was already a most popular and valued artist, this year she has made the leap to the big screen. Together with Bradley Cooper, she starred in the film A Star Is Born. In it we could see a fantastic actress who also thrilled the audience with some incredible songs. Her voice, her way of acting… viewers were delighted and are looking forward to seeing Gaga in the cinema again. Will she repeat?





Talking about women and music forces us to talk about the phenomenon of the moment: Rosalía. The Catalan singer has been placed at the top of the charts with a new album that has enchanted everyone. Songs like Di mi nombre or Bagdag have thrilled even the toughest. Their urban flamenco has become part of the musical scene. In addition, the artist has created the album she wanted, without being tied to stereotypes or demands and the result could not be better. Her lyrics are loaded with feminist messages. Without a doubt, a singer that we want to continue listening to.


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